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Similana Resort is a Middle-Class Resort with Hotel Rooms and Bungalows on Pak Weep Beach of Khao Lak.
The Sarojin Resort offers Deluxe Accomodation in Residences and Suites on Pakwib Beach of Khaolac.
Palm Galleria Resort offers upper Middle-Class Accomodation close to Khukkhak Beach of Khao Luk.
Takolaburi Culture Resort has Deluxe Hotel Rooms and Villas on Pakarang Beach of Khao Lak.
South Sea Grande Phangnga is a First-Class Hotel on Pakarang Beach of Khao Lac.
Apsaras Beach Hotel and Spa is a First-Class Resort directly on Khuk Khak Beach of Khaolack.
Khaolak Orchid Beach Resort is an upper Middle-Class Hotel on Khukkhak Beach of Khao Lac.
Khao Lak Mohintara Hotel offers tourist-class accommodation close to Khukkak Market on the Main Road of Khaolak.
Kho Kor Khao Island is located close to the Coast off Takuapa in the Andaman Sea North of Khao Lak.
Bang Sak Beach is the least developed Beach of Khaolak and close to Takua Pa.
The sandy Pakweep Beach stretches from Pakarang Cape northwards and is only partly developed.
Khukkhak Beach stretches fom Coral Cape to the South with mostly shallow Beaches.
Bangniang Beach is well developed and offers restaurants, dive schools and tour counters along the Main Road.
Nangtong Beach was the old Centre of Khao Lak and offers all kind of Tourist Services on the Main Road.
Sunset Beach is located close to the Mountains and some Resorts are built on the Slope overlooking the Andaman Sea.
Khao Lak Beach stretches from the National Park to the South and offers some Restaurants and Tour Counters.
Useful Information about Khaolak, Police, Hospitals, Addresses and Telephone Numbers in Takuapa and Khaolak.
Complete Listing of Hotels, Bungalows, Resorts and other Accomodation in Khaolak.
Transfers to and from Khaolak and Koh Kho Khao Island, Limousine Service, Airport pick up.
List of Excursions, Sightseeing and Activities available in Khao Luk.
List of Articles and Reports about Khao Lak and the Coast of the Indian Ocean.
The Weather in Khao Lac in high Season and during the Monsoon in South Thailand.
Photo Gallery of Khao Lak, Beaches, National Parks, Landscapes of Khaoluk.

Detail Maps of Khao Lak:
Khuk Kak Beach

Similana Resort Khao LakOrchid Beach Resort Khau LakMohin Tara Hotel KhaolakOrchid Garden and Butterfly Farm Khao Lak The SarojinPalm Galleria ResortKhaolak Adventure Minigolf South Sea Grand Phang NgaApsaras Beach ResortTakolaburi Resort and Spa

Khao Lak is located about 50 kilometres north of Koh Phuket Island on the mainland in Phang Nga province. Most of its sandy beaches stretch from the Khaolak-Lumru National Park in the South for about 20 kilometres northwards, starting with Sunset Beach, Nangtong Beach, Bangniang Beach, Khukkhak Beach, Pakwiep Beach and Bang Sak Beach in the very North. A single beach, namely Khao Lac Beach is located south of and adjacent to Khaolack Lamru National Park.

Khuk Khak Beach stretches from Bang Niang Beach with its lagoon for several kilometres to its northern end at the Coral Cape. The beach shares its name with the small village, Baan Kuk Kak, that is the local administrative centre, the location of the police station, the post office, a petrol station and a Buddhist temple. Khuk Kak Beach itself is sandy and at some places quite shallow. It is separated into 3 parts by the estuaries of Khuk Khak River and another river forming a small lagoon.
While Khaolak Orchid Beach Resort occupies a remote area in the southern part of Khukkhak Beach, Palm Galleria Resort, Takolaburi Resort, South Sea Grand Phang Nga and Apsaras Resort form a cluster along the northern parts of Kukkak Beach close to Coral Cape. Khaolak Mohin Tara Hotel is located close to the busstation and the market and caters for the younger people, who are renting motorbikes to visit different beaches each day. The old tin mining town of Takuapa is about 20 kilometres further on.

Khao Lak is spelled in many different ways like Ko Lak, Khaolak, Khao Lack, Khao Luk, Kho Lak, Khao Lac, Kau Lak, Kao Lak, Kau Lac, Khao-Lak, Kao Lak, Kao Luk, Kao Lac, Kao Lack and Khaoluk.

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